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Best way to farm Lycini rep (notoriety)

Do you want the best essences in the game? Then you will need to get your Lycini notoriety up to Venerated! GameplayInside will list the most effective ways of farming Lyncini rep.
rift cleric druid solo leveling guide featured

Cleric Druid Solo leveling [2.5]

You have a cleric and you are looking for a good leveling spec? WIth this build you will be able to pull a lot of mobs without dying! GameplayInside explains all about this druid spec!

How to enter an expert dungeon

You just leveled your Rift character to level 60 and would like to join an Expert dungeon? Before you can you first need to fullfill some requirements! You can obtain those by grinding the "normal" dungeons, or just follow this epic guide and get in instantly!

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