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Beginners guide to doing weeklies (Rift)

To get a full epic sigil you will need to spend a LOT of Infinity Stones. A good way to grind infinity stones, is by completing the three weekly quests. Gameplayinside explains all the ins and outs in this Beginners guide to doing weeklies.

How to enter an expert dungeon

You just leveled your Rift character to level 60 and would like to join an Expert dungeon? Before you can you first need to fullfill some requirements! You can obtain those by grinding the "normal" dungeons, or just follow this epic guide and get in instantly!

Rift Guilds: an overview of guilds and progression

If 25% of your group has no clue on what to do then you are likely to fail. For this reason groups of random players, often referred to as PUGs (pickup groups), are often a failure. The solution to this problem is joining a so called guild.

Best way to farm Torvan Hunters rep (notoriety)

Are you looking for an epic quality cloak? Or do you want the best Essences of Rift? If so then you will need Torvan Hunters at notoriety level venerated . GameplayInside shows the most effective methods to farm Torvan Hunters reputation.

Rift Warden Thrax Guide – Planebreaker Bastion tier 2 raid

Warden Thrax is the third boss in the tier 2 raid Planebreaker Bastion. Killing this boss requires all raid members to pay close attention. It is important that you survive the mecanics to be able to burn Warden Thrax down when he reaches 11% hp. Gameplayinside explains all the tactics in this guide.

Best way to farm Lycini rep (notoriety)

Do you want the best essences in the game? Then you will need to get your Lycini notoriety up to Venerated! GameplayInside will list the most effective ways of farming Lyncini rep.
Rift Grim Awakening Kyzanvideo

Rift Grim Awakening: Kyzan guide (updated)

This is Kyzan, the second boss in the Grim Awakening 10 player Rift raid. This guide includes a kill video, strategy summary, ability list and role specific tips.

Rift: Triumph of the Dragon Queen raid

Triumph of the Dragon Queen is the easiest raid in Rift. It is designed for players that have gathered all "epic" loot from expert dungeons. All bosses require 400 hit (420 for 100% hit chance). This is accomplished by having 7 or 8 items with 53 hit. GameplayInside tells you all about this fun raid!
Rift cleric healing purifier guide

Cleric Heal and DPS Best in Slot runes [2.5]

Runing your items is a great way to upgrade your gear. Gameplayinside gives you an overview of the cleric heal and dps best in slot runes.
The best in slot runes for a dps rogue

Rogue DPS best in slot runes [2.5]

Runing your items is a great way to upgrade your gear. Gameplayinside gives you an overview of the rogue dps best in slot runes.
rift track your stacks using karuul alertvideo

Using KaruulAlert To Track Stacks and create a counter

In this video GameplayInside explains how to track stacks with the Karuul Alert Rift Addon and how to create a counter to save space on your Rift user interface.

Mage Best in Slot Runes [2.5]

Runing your items is a great way to upgrade your gear. Gameplayinside gives you an overview of the mage best in slot runes.

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