GameplayInside update 1.6 – Hostdeko and Captions

It has been a while since the last official update, but no worries the site has improved! Over the past months we have seen a lot of new content, the introduction of Hostdeko, two new affiliates and a few design changes. Keep on reading to find out more.

Get a free steam copy of XCOM: Enemy Unknown and 80% discount on Enemy...

Completing this survey will get you a free copy of the awesome strategy game XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Keep reading for a brief tutorial!

GameplayInside update 1.4 – Disqus

GameplayInside has updated to 1.4. The content management system (WordPress) and all it's plugins have been updated to the latest version. Keep reading for a list of design changes.

Sorry for the downtime!

Ouch, a perfect storm happened to GameplayInside... Everything should be OK now!

GameplayInside 2.0 has launched!

After 2.5 years of tinkering the same design it was time to start fresh. Today I proudly present GamplayInside 2.0!

GameplayInside update 1.5 – Advertise and Review System

Introduction GameplayInside has been update to version 1.5. This version features the launch of  a  brand new Review system, new content, affiliate links and a...

GameplayInside update 1.7 – Harder, better, faster, stronger

It has been a while since I have posted about Gameplay Inside's updates, but do not worry everything over at GameplayInside is still maintained quite nicely.

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